Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Nestle USA

Summer 2015 

Position: Finance Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

I think my success in this internship was the communication with my boss and the finance cross-functional team. My involvement in not only what was my tasks assigned was a key to leave a mark in my work. Since the first ay of work, I went to every possible meeting and try to understand the factory in all details possible. To take something to the next level you need to understand it completely.

This internship gave me the experience to interact with many professional people that are teaching me business skills that can be very helpful for my career in a future. I have the hope to acquire all this knowledge and someday reach a point to I can teach it to someone else, principal someone from my family or a friend who have purposes of improve in their education. Sometimes it has been difficult to learn some processes that my tasks asked but I take this as an opportunity to challenge myself and look forward to answers.

The only way to manage something to the perfection knows their process from top to bottom.These type of wise rules of life are something we need to know in consideration to go further in life andit applied in all type of sciences, you need to learn from the people who manage the things you want to know well and after you spend time and dedication with a little bit of passion you can depart to contribute to the knowledge and probably illuminate the marvelous and beauty of the science.

Get involve as soon you can into any work field in order to reach a point that you can contribute to develop the work. It was hard at the beginning use to it, but it was with the help of the people who I work to, that help me to give me the opportunity to get involve.

I believe Nestle is a company that is teaching us the importance of having ethic in our businesses. It is a company who spend great part of their resources to give the best food ever produced and at the same time contribute to the nutrition to the world and taking care of the employees who make this possible. Excellent moral and ethical rules that the world of the business should follow and compete with the same standards for the good of what we consume, for the good of life.

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