Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

O’Connell & Associates, PLLC

Fall 2017

Position: Legal Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

This semester I interned at a law firm called O’Connell & Associates, PLLC. It is comprised of a private defense attorney, Douglas K. O’Connell who sometimes reaches out to get second opinions or research done by other attorneys, hence the “& Associates”.  He rents out an office space downtown here in Austin, off of 7th street, from Mueller Law. This is nice because I can easily get to the office early or stay late if need be because Mueller Law always has a front desk attendant there, meaning I don’t need Mr. O’Connell to lock/unlock the door. Being alone with a to-do list happens sometimes because Mr. O’Connell travels a lot. He handles cases all around the nation so sometimes he has to spend the week in D.C. for a case, for example. When setting up my schedule, Mr. O’Connell was very flexible. He basically asked me when I could work my 15 hours a week and we went with that. I have MWF off from class this semester so I worked at the office WF 9am-5pm. He travels from near Round Rock so I would typically beat him to the office. This was nice because it gave me the opportunity to finish up anything I hadn’t the work day before or doing something else like organize case files or put in an order for more envelopes. Once he got to the office, we would have a sit down to discuss where our current cases were and what needed to be done. For an example day, I will use this past Wednesday. When Mr. O’Connell got there, we needed to prepare a case brief for the prosecutor and two for the judge as well as create a flow chart and a table for the judge. Other days I would spend time editing and sending in motions or viewing the prosecutor’s discovery to see if I saw anything that needed Mr. O’Connell’s immediate attention.

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