Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Petros PACE Finance, LLC

Spring 2018

Position: Marketing Research Intern 
Student: Economics Senior 

My internship with Petros PACE Finance provides me with a wonderful opportunity to better myself, and opportunity to learn to function efficiently and effectively in a professional environment. Petros is a loan originator for PACE loans, which are special loans for clean energy renovations in commercial properties. These loans are used by commercial real estate firms to lower utilities costs, which outweighs the cost of the loan repayments.

My role at Petros is centered around marketing research. My main focus is creating and managing a database of commercial real estate firms and professionals. These lists are mainly used by the business development team to find potential new contacts regarding these loans and generate new revenue sources. To create these databases, I use a program called ‘CoStar’ which contains massive volumes of commercial real estate data, such as property owners, contact information, and active leases. With this program I can also assist the firm’s principals by pulling up specific property level data for them to reference in their work. I prioritize my time by doing specific research projects first, so oftentimes I complete these tasks as soon as I get to work which is important because they vary in time commitments, so I need to be sure that I finish them that day. In my downtime between specific projects I develop and maintain the commercial real estate firms database until the next project arrives. I am responsible for this database in that I need to correct any errors that arise, including duplicate entries and duplicate files. I am also responsible for small tasks, such as shopping for software rates and helping setup software like Slack and SalesForce.

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