Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

PowerHouse Electrical Service

Spring 2018

Position: HR Intern/Assistant
Student: Government Senior 

As an intern you would hope to do something different every day, but that may not be the case. You are often there on assignment and are expected to work on the assignment when completed, once you are completed then there is an opportunity to do day to day maintenance and get practice in the corporate world. Although it sounds boring at first (even at the end), I think this challenge you and gives you and the employer the opportunity to see what you’re capable of as a new face at a company, with little time, and little guidance until you are proven to be worth an investment (or maybe they really need somebody to take care of their busy work).

The company I interned at is a small business called PowerHouse Electrical Services Inc. It is an electrical construction company that does interior wiring in the central Austin area and San Antonio. The owners of the company are old school, have conservative morals regarding their business, and withhold a lot of pride behind their family name. Most importantly, they really care about their company and employees. As their small business is growing at a rapid rate and integrating a “corporate culture”, their sons¬–the future owners suggested they get a Human Resources Professional. Originally, they had a payroll specialist who had no real HR experience, but in order to ensure labor law compliances, drive company culture, and ensure best practice methods are used, they needed somebody with experience. Upon realizing that they had a lot of work to be done, a HR intern was suggested, which is where I came in.

My internship was originally supposed to last three months throughout the summer, but after being denied another internship, I was offered an extension at the company I was currently interning at due to my exceptional work. I am grateful for the assignment I was given as it required me to be extremely active and hands on during the beginning stages. My assignment was to create a job description for each job position so employees could know what their positions entail and so the descriptions could be used for evaluations and job advertisements. In order to do this effectively, I had to interview with the best candidates of each respective position, so I could properly fill out their job descriptions. Not only did this allow me to get comfortable with the employees, but it also enhanced my interview skills–an essential skill that a Human Resources professional should have. Additionally, this particular assignment did not require much strenuous research and felt more like “busy work” which allows you to set goals and make work go by faster.

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