Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2018

Position: Assurance Intern
Student: Economics Junior
I interned with the big four accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers. PwC mission is to
“build trust in society and solve important problems.” The firm is focused on helping their clients and do the very best work they can do. On top of that, the firm strives for their employees to have a healthy work/life balance. First I want to briefly talk about the recruiting experience. Their recruiting team is the best. There is the traditional way of getting the internship, which is rounds of interviews. I got the privilege to attend the National Elevate Program in Atlanta Georgia which was a three day interactive program where we learned about the company, had teams to work on team building and working with others and many projects. It was a great experience! There are also other fun recruiting events for people who accepted their internship offer. Work days during my internship were long, usually about 9:00 am to 8:00 - 9:00 pm, keep in mind January-May is “busy” season. My first week I was a little overwhelmed by the lengthy work days, especially when I worked until midnight one night. I think that was because I was not used to their method yet and was not able to get things done as quick as I wanted to. As the weeks went on, the days got shorter, about 9:00 am to 6:00-7:00 pm but the days flew by because I was able to keep up with the work the others were doing around me. We also got free lunch and dinner! If an employee is in client services, they usually work at the client’s offices. I learned many valuable skills such as PwC’s specific auditing methods, significantly improved my excel skills, learned how to navigate data bases and prepare spreadsheets and lead schedules. I was able to see a 10K filing process as well as planning procedure for the next year’s audit. Also the staff I worked with was incredible. They were patient with us and were always helpful.

Summer 2016

Position: Technology Consulting Intern
Student: Economics Junior

I spent my Junior year summer (Summer, 2016) interning with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. PwC is one of the big four audit and advisory firms in the world, and I was a technology consulting intern under the Advisory sector of the firm. My vertical, which is one of the four subdivisions under each of the four different consulting horizontals, was Financial Services with a competency in Risk and Regulation Technology. Interning with a globally scaled firm with 200 other interns and in one of the biggest offices in the world taught me that my experience would be everything that I put into it, and nothing if I did not make that extra effort to learn and connect. Swallowing my fear and reaching out to the Partners of the firm took me a longer way than I expected and I was connected to multiple other Partners and Directors in the firm. I was fortunate to have met people who prioritize investment in human capital enough to get coffee with an intern and share anecdotes from their time at PwC thus far. Whether or not the next snippet of my internship experience is advisable is debatable, but I spread myself out and took on 5 different projects along with other deliverables on the sidelines. Staying at the office into the night and toiling away at work that was above and beyond what was expected of me took away from time  that would have otherwise been dedicated to soaking in New York City but instead left me with a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of the differences in expectations of different teams. Working with four sets of Directors and two Partners, along with other Managers and Associates, helped me identify the varied paces at which teams prefer to function, the expected turnover rate of deliverables and finer points of the cultures and environments in which they thrived in. As an intern, your work could vary great extents depending on the project(s) you’re deployed to, so it becomes rather challenging to generalize a day in the life of a PwC intern. You might find yourself traveling across the country week, you might find yourself presenting something you created the previous night to the Partners of the firm the next morning. You might find yourself diving into a deep, unknown, sea of research, befriending Excel to a sickening extent or creating something substantial right from scratch. I will conclude by saying that as a PwC intern, you will learn a great amount about the consulting world and an even greater amount about your personal and professional self.

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