Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Rainforest Partnership

Spring 2021

Position: Project Intern
Major: Philosophy & Sustainability Studies Junior

Rainforest Partnership is an environmental non-profit dedicated to ending deforestation through creating a network of partner communities, other NGOs, governments, and for-profit partners to carry out programs, such as, agroforestry, forest regeneration, establishing protected areas, and creating sustainable livelihoods. In my time at RP, I have worked in a few different areas. If working in the Ecuador team, you will be coordinating with team members in Ecuador and non-profit partners, doing research into agroforestry methods and procedure, and supporting existing  projects. In the Enterprise team, expect to be working on establishing a brand of for profit products, currently consisting of body care and chocolate products, that will fund RP’s work.  Even with all the interesting and varied opportunities, the best part of RP is the work culture: the whole team is made up of capable and caring people who work together toward common goals.

Summer 2019

Position: Communications Intern
Major: English and Sustainability Studies Sophomore

As a communications intern, much of what I do is copywriting. The tasks vary day to day though. For example, building up to World Rainforest Day was extremely busy and everyone was working intensely on some aspect of that. However, there are some days where I simply created research and brainstorming blog ideas. No one is going to force you to do extreme amounts of work, but it is worthwhile to put in that extra effort–you will feel so much more accomplished and fulfilled after. But back to my day.

Copywriting is the art of working language in such a way that it compels others to buy in or join your cause. One of the coolest things I got to work on was language for a new crowd-funding charity site that will hopefully be up and running soon. I dabble in social media posts, blog writing, and any sort of editing that needs to be done, like proofreading work written in English by a non-native speaker. The environment is very calm and chill throughout all of this; we get to sit and be wherever we want, and I was able to work from home on days when I asked. The office does run a little hot at 78 degrees ...our CEO Niyanta really gave us hell when she found out we all had lower temperatures than that in our own apartments. We eat vegetarian food every day, late, normally around 1 or 2. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because it brings everyone together over a healthy and environmentally sustainable meal. The people at Rainforest Partnership are quirky for sure–but in an optimistic and friendly way which quickly infects you. Although my internship is finished, I do think I will continue to work with Rainforest Partnership in some capacity.

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