Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

RBI Austin

Spring 2016 

Position: Player Development Coordinator
Student: History Senior

An internship with RBI Austin provides you the opportunity to grow in a field of your choice.  I choose to work with the players in the RBI High School division and help develop player curriculum.  Thus I was given the title of Player Development Coordinator.  The duties of this title included the following: working with players at the high school level on getting better at baseball, working with schools to help develop their baseball programs, and help set up the RBI High School summer league.  In addition to these responsibilities, I was also in charge of taking care of the high school field that RBI is in charge of and help facilitate interactions with local baseball coaches and academies.  One of the biggest tasks I had this semester was to start up an entire spring baseball league by working with two elementary schools.  

The tasks and responsibilities that I had were great and difficult but that wasn’t the best part about working with RBI Austin as an Intern.  The best part is the experiences that I picked up along the way.  Just from a financial standpoint, I learned how to navigate and use invoice systems when being involved with a nonprofit.  Specifically, I learned about how much detail and tax knowledge goes into these things. 

In addition to learning about the financial ins and out of the organization, the way they treated me is probably the highlight of the semester.  They treated me like I was going to be on staff for another 5 years, they trusted me and gave me some freedom to make decisions that were paramount to the success of the organization.  Finally, the best part about working for RBI Austin is the people you meet and have to work with.  I have driven to every part of Austin this semester and have meet people of different ethnicities and backgrounds.  I learned how to interact with everyone in a professional manner and learned how to work within the community.  If you are looking for an internship that is very people based, look no further than RBI Austin, you’ll meet the mayor and work with the inner-city families in the same day.

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