Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2018

Position: Sales Promoter
Student: Economics Sophomore

Real Savvy is a local start up company that creates websites for Real Estate Professionals. They have two teams that work together to make their company successful. One team is the programming/coding team that creates all the websites in house. The other is the sales team, and my internship was as a Sales Developmental Researcher. This included a range of responsibilities. Since our target clients are located around the country, the majority of our research is completed by phone. The beginning of my internship included a large amount of cold calling. As Real Savvy became a larger company, it transitioned from less outbound lead capture to inbound lead capture through advertisement. Due to this, my role transitioned as well and I began working more with the lead economist. This job included everything from helping produce profit predictions for the upcoming quarters to qualifying multi-market brokerages in different cities. This shift was to be expected with a start up company, but they were always very transparent with what my responsibilities were. A typical day starts off with a short drive to work, their office is located five minutes away from campus so it is very convenient. Everyday starts of with everyone getting settled in and then we would have a team meeting at 9am. In the meeting, we would discuss responsibilities and improvement techniques for the day. This company embraces its local Austin roots and takes on a very laid-back vibe, so this internship is mainly on your own schedule. With that being said, if your responsibilities are not met or you’re not performing to their standards, this freedom will obviously be corrected. I scheduled out my work week to be in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The mornings seem to be very convenient for everybody. A lot of the workers there are Texas alumni so they happily embraced this young Longhorn and helped me succeed within this internship.

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