Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Redemptive Work

Spring 2016 

Position: Direct Casework Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

As a Direct Casework Intern/Reentry Casework Intern, your overall goal is to help underserved people navigate different obstacles in life, access resources and programs, and facilitate reentry for those who have criminal records or are experiencing homelessness. Before you start meeting with clients, you shadow the other caseworkers and learn about the jargon and protocol that is involved with our clients’ typical situations.

You also must familiarize yourself with the various organizations that our clients are typically in contact with that shape their experience. Our clients experience a broad range of obstacles, but the most prevalent ones include unemployment, housing scarcity, food and clothing scarcity, and lack of healthcare. The way we tackle these issues is by meeting one-on-one with each client on a weekly basis. We start by asking the client about their background and progress towards discussing what their main concerns and goals are at the moment or what brought them into Redemptive Work and then work toward future goals.

If the client has a criminal record, you ask them if they want to get a background check by the church and you go over their charges with them to make sure the information is correct. If they are looking for employment, housing, food, clothing or healthcare, you refer to the resource list and provide them information about the organizations that provide these services and the eligibility requirements of these organizations, and you provide clients with the contact information.

All of this is recorded on an intake form, and the next time you meet with the client you ask them about their progress thus far on achieving their goals.  Finally, you end the meeting by asking them if they need food from the pantry, clothes from our thrift store, or any hygiene products. Aside from seeing clients, you spend the rest of your time working on various research projects that will aid in gathering information on resources for clients.

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