Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Rise School

Spring 2015 

Position: Assistant Teacher
Student: Psychology Junior

I was an assistant teacher at the Rise School. The Rise School is a preschool for both developmentally delayed and typically developing children ages 12 months to 5 years old. Your duties depend on the time of day you come in. I came in during lunchtime.

My duties during that time included getting the classroom set up for naptime such as laying out the students’ nap mats, turning down the blinds, etc. Additionally, I help the children finish their lunch. The classroom I was in consisted of the youngest students in the school (12 months to 2 years old), and a lot of them were still working on developing their fine motor skills, so things like holding a spoon would be hard for them. My job was to help them practice these fine motor skills, under the supervision of the teachers.

Other students would need prompting to focus on lunch, or would need encouragement to try foods they weren’t familiar with. I would then help the children transition to naptime, and I would lay with them until they fell asleep. While the children were napping, I would clean up the lunch area. Then I would have my lunch and see if the teachers needed help with anything like cutting out things for the next week’s lesson planning.

The children would wake up, and have snack. I would interact for them during a short free play period before they would sit down for “goodbye circle.” These duties would vary, because sometimes I would be in a different classroom, where the children would have a different schedule. No matter where I was, my duties was to ask the teachers where I would be most helpful and interact with the kids.

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