Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

SALI Fund Services

Spring 2017  

Position: Due Diligence Internship
Student: Economics Senior

SALI Fund Services is a great place to start your career, particularly through the due diligence intern position. SALI is an office full of team players, hard workers, and friendly faces. As any internship goes, you will be required to make the very occasional coffee run or stock the fridge. However, if you prove that you’re up to the task, you can have some really meaningful and important projects handed to you. Overall, being an intern at SALI can be one of the best internships you can have.

Your typical day at SALI varies greatly day by day. If you can prove that you’re ready and willing to take on anything, your job becomes more of a problem solver. However, before you can take on those tasks, you’ll need to get the basic tasks of the due diligence department done first. These tasks include drafting and then corresponding on fund regulatory reporting, firm summaries, and managing the library of files and contacts. From there, you can start to take on evaluating and analyzing due diligence materials. These materials could be filling out due diligence questionnaires, analyzing and evaluating quarterly questionnaires for red flags, and then testing funds for compliance with the appropriate regulations governing the fund. By doing this, you’ll be directly impacting vital firm operations and it can actually be quite a challenge.

Once you’ve completed the basic tasks of the due diligence department, you can move on to my favorite part of the job: problem solving. From here, your possibilities are pretty much limitless. At the bare bones of it all, you’re either taking existing known problems or finding unknown problems. Then, you go about solving it. For me, this type of work came in the form of creating more efficient systems for data management. However, this work can range human resources work like finding a better way to manage time sheets all the way to creating excel training videos for the firm. Most of the work you’ll do is mostly directed at known problems, but occasionally you get the freedom to take on anything you think you can improve upon. Overall, working at SALI is a great way to kickstart your career and prove that you deserve the big bucks.

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