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Liberal Arts Career Services

Service Group

Fall 2017

Position: Business Intelligence Analyst Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship is at Service Group and I am a business intelligence analyst intern. At my internship, my roles are to get familiar with basic SQL and database design and I did this by getting trained using online courses that were provided for me. Part of the internship was to learn fundamentals of business intelligence such as validation of reports written for their F & I executives, documentation of Qlik view applications, and schedules of crystal reports. By learning all of this it has helped me know a lot of basic data analytics skills that will help get a position in any analytics field. This is important because a lot of companies/job positions require basic knowledge of SQL and knowing how to analyze data. If anyone is interested in business analytics this would be a great internship for them. Without experience in SQL and analyzing data I was able to receive that at Service Group.

I will explain what I have done so far at Service Group. Since I am new to business intelligence my supervisor has given me training videos on SQL and Crystal reports. The first and second week I began training on SQL. I watched a 5-hour tutorial and then was given a project from my supervisor. She told me to create SQL queries for specific account agreements on dealers. I put the data I found on an excel sheet. The type of SQL that I am doing is very basic. My supervisor mentioned that it gets complicated to write a SQL query when they include JOIN or GROUP BY. Also, these queries could be several lines long and what I’m doing is just 4 to 5 lines long. During my lunch break I like to play around with SQL and challenge myself by creating complex queries. So far, I have been successful and I also like to ask my supervisor and the other employee for help. 

On the third and fourth week, I have been introduced to something different called Crystal reports. I’m currently being trained on this and have been taught the basics such as how to format, sort, and group a report. The more advanced material will be creating a SQL query to bring up the data and then grouping and sorting the data to how the dealers want it to be formatted. My supervisor did mention that Crystal reports can sometimes get challenging when the accountant spots a number that is off on the report. When this happens, it is my supervisors job to investigate what the problem is with the data. This could take hours to figure out and sometimes she will have to rewrite the query. 

Towards the last few weeks at my internship I have been given several tasks like schedule reports for the risk management team. I also have been validating data to make sure that the data is not missing anything such as a digit or a decimal. When I have to do this, I have to be very focused because I don’t want to miss something and then risk management will not be happy about it. Overall this has been a wonderful experience for me and I am very thankful to have had this opportunity.

Let me explain more about this company. Service group is a dealership insurance company. This type of company is not what I would have chosen just because it is corporate and very traditional. Even though I was given this opportunity at Service Group and I have learned a lot I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to work there as a full-time employee. If anyone likes a structured environment, prefers a 9am-5pm job, doesn’t mind a traditional atmosphere, and likes sitting all day then this would be a perfect company to work at. Also, you don’t have to love cars to work at Service Group. What is most important is that you are an expert at your field. As a college student, I believe you should work at any company that gives you an opportunity to learn and receive hands-on experience. I recommend that even though it’s not your type of company just accept the offer and learn a lot. 

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