Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Sherwin Williams

Summer 2019

Position: Sales and Operations Intern
Student: HDO Junior

The Sherwin Williams internship allows college students to receive real work experience. As an intern for Sherwin Williams, the company allowed us to choose a store location that we desired to work from. During my time with the company, I spent the majority of my time between the district office and my assigned store location on South Burnet. My first introduction to the corporation is a specific conversation with the executives regarding the standard on which they would like us to uphold. That standards that we discussed were completing the final project and meeting on Mondays to provide an update on the status of our project. From the start, Sherwin Williams placed their interns into stores so they could learn the business functions of the company. The way the company expressed their expectations and how they wanted us to comprehend was strictly based on entrepreneurial attributes. My manager explained that she would teach me how to run a business and point me in the direction to access information. This is not an occupation that you have the privilege to sit at a desk for eight hours. There are many times where you will need to get your hands dirty and help individuals with various paint orders. I made it my responsibility to get involved with the logistics of different paint requests and customer service. Sherwin Williams provided all their employees with an immense amount of training materials and other resources to help prepare us for the interactions we encountered.

Throughout the internship, interns were required to complete training that pertains to finance, product knowledge, customer service, communication, safety and many other things that affects the Sherwin Williams brand and business. Interns were also required to complete twenty-eight hours a week of work at the assigned location. There were times you may do a bit more than twenty-eight because of the foot traffic during that time-frame. Once orders were completed, I work on the material that Sherwin Williams provided during the onboarding process. The booklet and workbook consisted of an extensive amount of information that was required to be completed by the end of the internship. After work is completed in the book, I made sure that the inventory was updated. Each week, there was a shipping director that delivered paint from the distribution center in Dallas. Although all this work was overt and efficient, I still learned a lot quickly.


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