Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Silicon Hills Wealth Management

Spring 2016 

Position: Wealth Management Intern
Student: Economics Senior

At Silicon Hills Wealth Management, they require I be there the entire day. They did not want me working for only 3-hour or 4-hour increments. The stipulation was that on days I worked, I would be there from 9:30-5. Working 9:30-5 a couple days a week meant I had to compact my classes schedule. I only have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I can work full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes during the week I feel drained, but this schedule does break up my week and keeps things interesting!

The environment in the office is good. There are free snacks and coffee! At the Keurig you can make lattes, or chai teas, or just coffee. There are endless snacks like nuts, chips, fruit snacks, cookies, and much more. Nobody gets mad if you take a snack, and it helps keep my blood sugar up during the long day. Also, parking is close by.

A typical day at the internship is doing varying tasks to help the Wealth Managers. The compliance manager, Glenda, will tell me what the Wealth Managers need help with that day. She’s the liaison between the Wealth Managers and myself. Some tasks I’ve done include researching stocks, transferring a client’s budget from a handwritten sheet to our online data base, finding stock’s cost-basis, writing articles for the quarterly newsletter, and a bit scanning. They have me doing different tasks every week.

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