Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2018

Position: Data Analyst Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior 

During the Spring of 2018, I interned at SocialWithin, a growing performance marketing agency here in Austin, Texas. I specifically interned as a Data Analyst in which I was tasked in sifting, visualizing, and analyzing marketing data for each and every client in the company’s portfolio. My day to day consisted with working with excel and cleaning up raw data from various platforms, analyzing particular KPIs per client per week and visualizing in a condensed and straightforward manner for the client. The client and the account manager within our company associated with that client would then utilized the report that I would generate to drive their continuous strategy. Additionally, if a client was to be faced with a strategic problem regarding that marketing performance, it would be my job to do ad hoc analysis within their whole marketing scheme in order to find a solution. Because SocialWithin primarily works with Ecommerce businesses, in order to properly find a solution to any given problem, I would have to look into either the client’s Google Analytics, Shopify account, BigCommerce account, or any backend for their various ad platforms. And lastly, beyond reporting general KPIs and doing ad hoc analysis for any given problem what would arise for the client, I would also do various projections and benchmarking analysis as a means of supplementing the Accounts team. This consisted of use mathematics and various statistical modeling in order to project and benchmark future performance for any given client, specifically in regard to their revenue and ad budget spending. Most of my tasks on the day to day consists of either utilize my skills in mathematics or statistics or using one of the various tools to clean, analyze or visualize data. These tools consist of Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Google Data Studio. If you were to walk into our office in any given day, you would see me in either of the three tools aforementioned.

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