Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC

Fall 2016  

Position: Legal Department Intern
Student: International Relations and Global Studies Senior

A day in the life of this internship begins by checking my email. Everything that I need to do for the day is in my email, and a lot of times my bosses have already emailed me with tasks to catch up on from the day before after I left. The tasks I have to do are usually to save and to file all of the Contracts that have been signed in the previous day. My schedule varies each week, so a lot of times things get signed when I am not there. Other times, it is writing a letter terminating a Contract or writing a letter for someone travelling between offices, and there are occasions where they have left something for me to UPS.  After I see everything that has been given to me, I prioritize them and figure out which should be done first. When I am working a full day, usually I am working on tasks that are assigned to me in the morning, and then I am filing in the afternoon. With this job, it is important to be aware of everything and to be paying attention because it is incredibly easy to miss something such as an email or a Contract being sent. To avoid missing things in the morning, I am usually preparing letters and then printing out contracts that need to be stamped and signed. I get them signed by the CFO in the afternoon and then finish my day with filing them and sending them away. My advice to another student working this job as a Legal Department Intern would be the advice that my boss gave me when I interviewed him for this class. He told me that everyone has their time in the file room, and you have to understand that this time is temporary and you have to give 110% to what you are doing. As a potential internship site, SolarWinds is an awesome place to intern at because they are willing to teach you and walk with you, but they are also willing to give you responsibility. My bosses always say that they will never give me something that they can’t fix, but it is an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by people who allow you to learn and create a safe environment for you to succeed and fail. I would definitely recommend working here.

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