Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Sonesta Bee Cave

Summer 2016 

Position: Hotel Intern
Student: Economics  Junior

The internship at Sonesta can fluctuate greatly somedays it may be a chaotic place and the next it could be a calm and quiet place. Working at a hotel you never know what’s going to happen or what you’re dealing with when you walk in for the day. It’s a very unpredictable place. Your schedule is done weekly so one week you would work in one department and the next your working in another. Working here gives you a lot of hands experience in many different kinds of work places. This includes working up in a restaurant to dealing with guest services and all the way in the back working with housekeeping. The first couple of weeks for me they wanted me to get my hands dirty and experience all the jobs as just a regular worker. To manage you need to know the job to manage it. Which helped when I would go around helping people because I myself had experienced. Your responsibility tends to be do whatever is needed that day typically help in whatever department is the busiest and be able to be lenient. Later on they allow you to take the reins yourself and see for yourself just what it’s like to manage a department. With time depending on where you work is the time you will be in that week so it’s always changing which like I said you need to be very lenient and flexible to be able to do this internship. You may come in thinking one thing but actually have a whole other deal going on that day. Towards the end they will stick you with a department that typically needs the most help at least for me that’s how it went because housekeeping was low on management they let me stick alongside and help manage out that department.

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