Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Spark Learning

Spring 2018

Position: Intern
Student: Psychology Senior 

Spark Learning is an Applied Behavioral Analysis clinic that specializes in behavioral therapy for children with autism, ADHD, PDD and other related needs. The goal of a behavioral therapist is to develop the child’s behavior regulation, language proficiency, communication, social, academic, self-help, and play skills through ABA therapy. As an intern at Spark, I had the opportunity to not only learn and shadow from experienced behavioral therapist, but I was also assigned client’s of my own. I was expected to develop rapport with each of my clients and understand their interests and goals in order to individualize the session to each child. I then had to become familiar with their goals and targets and learn how to implement their intervention to be most effective for each individual client. I was responsible for planning each lesson plan that included everyday activities that allowed the child to generalize their targets in other domains. On average, each activity had to hit one target per minute. During each session, I had a data sheet that listed all the targets and goals and I was responsible for recording what level of prompt the child needed to reach a certain target. At the end of the session, I was required to write a daily progress note that included a summary of the session, what goals were targeted, whether any goals were master and if the child had any challenging behaviors. Lastly, I analyzed the data that I recorded during the session and made any necessary updates to the child’s data sheet for their next session. But most importantly, my position at Spark Learning has given me the opportunity to develop quality experience working with children.

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