Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Spectrum News – Time Warner Cable News

Fall 2017

Position: Intern
Student: English Senior

My internship this semester was with Spectrum News, the company formerly known as Time Warner Cable. The office is very close to campus, located on Colorado an 17th Street. The internship was advertised as a general news job, with the ability for the intern to choose which area he or she wanted to specialize. The variety and freedom drew me to the internships, so I was excited to acquire a wide range of skills. 

A normal day typically starts in the early afternoon and lasts into the evening. At the beginning of the internship, I rotated around different sections of the newsroom. After a month of rotations, I was able to pick my area of concentration: reporting. As a reporter, I started my shift with an afternoon staff meeting. During the meeting, the head of assignment desk went around all the reporters to hear different story pitches. Reporters stories were either approved or they were assigned different stories. The meeting also covers statistics of the site’s top viewed stories in both Austin and San Antonio.

Once the reporters are given their stories, they begin contacting sources to speak on camera. This research process can take a couple hours. The interviews need to be conducted fairly quickly so the story can air that evening. Once an interview is locked down, the intern and reporter go out into the field with camera equipment to shoot. At the location, we take B-roll and shoot a couple standups that can be used in the story package. We get the interview on camera, and then we upload all the footage to ingest and begin cutting the VOSOTs. Once the package is put together, you may do a live shot or be put on a new story. 

Spring 2017  

Position: Spectrum News, Austin Intern
Student: Psychology Senior

I worked at Spectrum News (formerly Time Warner Cable News) as the News Broadcasting Intern. The site is located about a 15-minute walk away, at 1708 Colorado street. I was required to work 10 hours per week, so typically I worked on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

My role at Spectrum was to assist the reporters in all aspects of News media. I had the opportunity to gain first class experience in the broadcast media industry in which I was exposed to multiple aspects of news media such as reporting, photojournalism, production, sports and weather. Some of my responsibilities included shadowing reporters in the field, news writing, interviewing and assisting in the production of news stories and working closely with a meteorologist reporting local weather. In addition, I worked with reporters and anchors to determine story form and content, as well as to assemble newscasts. The production aspect of my role required me to work closely with master control operators and technical directors with video and audio transmission and quality of on-air content. Finally, I had the opportunity to shadow sports staff, report on various sporting events and learn how to monitor and edit sports videos. In essence, it was very hands on learning experience with the goal of gaining valuable experience in all facets of broadcast journalism.

My responsibility as an intern grew throughout my time at Spectrum. At first, I was doing simple tasks, like photocopying, watching my boss and proof reading material. As my boss began to trust me more, he allowed me to write stories from a template, and by the end I was also shooting my own stories. My typical day consisted of arriving at work at 12.30 and checking in with my boss. Typically, he would talk to me about my assignments for the day and let me work on them alone before showing them to him once I had given them my best shot.

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