Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Sterling Publishing

Summer 2016 

Position: Editorial Intern
Student: English Senior
A typical day as an intern at Sterling Publishing begins at 9 a.m. sharp. I arrive at the office, swiping my key card to let myself into the locked double doors, and switch the lamps on in my cubicle. There are already several emails awaiting my attention in my inbox, and I take my time carefully reading and responding to them. Most often, they are from the editorial staff and request assistance with drafting publication summaries and reader’s reports. They require that I read the attached manuscripts, consider whether the proposed book is unique and marketable, and then compose a report with my final verdict as to whether I think the book should be published or not. I send the summaries and reports to their respective editorial staff members, and then settle into some of my more long-term projects.

Over the course of my internship this summer, I have been tasked with completing edits for a series of cookbooks and superfood informational texts. Stephanie Pederson, the author of the series, would send me new chapters of her books as they were completed. I would then make the first edit to the raw manuscripts, fixing errors in grammar and style, converting metric measurements to imperial, and reworking sentences for clarity. When I completed a chapter, I would then send it to the editor in charge of cooking and food books.

I take an hour break for lunch, during which I get to sit outside in Bryant Park, located very close to my office. After quick editorial meetings and pleasant exchanges with my fellow interns, it is time to leave the office at 5 p.m.

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