Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Stifel Financial Corporation

Summer 2019

Position: Summer Analyst
Student: History Junior

My summer internship was with Stifel Financial Corporation. It is a full-service investment banking with a well-known wealth management division. This summer I was staffed to help the Alternative Investment team. To me, that meant helping with the tracking and identifying of current and future fund offerings for our platform. Broken down, I helped perform managerial due diligence specifically on private equity firms and hedge funds. My background, with prior internships, was in private equity, so I was semi-prepared for the lingo and associations that come with the space. Most days would start out like this: I would get into the office around 8ish. I would start the morning off going though emails. The goal of constantly checking on my email was to see if I had been assigned any tasks after hours, that I had not seen yet. If there was nothing new I continued on with several side tasks that included updating the hedge fund manager master tracking list, creating PowerPoints that linked and updated via code for each fund covered by Stifel, and brainstorming problems aligning with the new platform we were currently switching to. Besides these tasks, that were quite tedious but also necessary, we, my team and I, met with funds. These meetings were amazing. This took form in top tier private equity firms and hedge funds pitching why they should be included in our platform, because they wanted our capital. Outside of fund meetings, we had group assignments amongst my team where we all worked together in solving problems. On average, there were either 4/5 other calls or meetings where I was included. In most of my meetings, I was required or advised to take notes… most times my notes were circulated around the office, or in other words distributed to all the financial advisors. The average or typical day had me leave the office around 6pm, give or take.


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