Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Swish Beverages 

Summer 2017

Position: Intern
Student: Human Dimensions of Organizations Junior

The company I interned for this summer is called Swish Beverages. Swish specializes in a variety of wine products, with their most popular product being rosé (the pink wine.) A day in life for an intern at Swish beverages begins with a 9-9:30 start- if you’re needed earlier it’s probably because there’s a lot more on the schedule for that day so it’s better to get to the office before everyone else arrives. When you first get to work, it is your responsibility to make sure the office looks tidy and clean before the rest of the team gets there. Next, you check your email, as should be doing as frequently as possible especially if you’re not busy, and see what’s on the schedule for the day. The morning usually consists of placing orders online for office supplies which requires you to walk around and ask everyone if they need anything. Another thing to make sure you do every morning, if not every other morning, is an inventory count. This includes not only product, but merchandise as well. Swish doesn’t carry wine but other items like hats, straws, tote bags and many other products that display the remarkable brand. It is important that all the inventory in office is accounted for at least every other day so that if there is ever need for an access amount of a certain item, it’s guaranteed that there is enough of that item to be collected in such a big amount. When the afternoon comes around, that’s usually when you start to go through Concur (to log expenses) or social media. Concur, although difficult to learn and understand at first, is a way for the company to keep track of all its expenses in an efficient and organized manner. It also gives anyone in the company access to go back and look at the expenses for the month which is a great way to keep track of everything especially when a bunch of people are spending money on different things for the company. Social media is another task that must constantly be covered, looked at and maintained especially for Swish. What I realized after just a week of work at Swish is that their wine product is all anyone wants to Instagram, snapchat and evidently show the world what they’re drinking. Whether a famous person is posting a picture of the product, or an article is being written about any of the Swish products, it is your duty as an intern to make sure you capture the photo/article and create files tracking all the press for Swish. At the end of the day it is very important that you write, clearly and concisely, exactly what you did that day to the person you report to. If you couldn’t get to all your tasks that day you simply put them under the pending section of your email. Some days you may not get to everything, but that’s okay! It goes to show how hard you were working and how busy some days may get. However, by the end of it all the tough days seem irrelevant because working for Swish is an unbelievable experience and something you will remember forever.

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