Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty 

Spring 2017  

Position: Service Learning
Student: Government Sophomore

As with many jobs in the non-profit industry, a “typical day” that consists of regular tasks and duties on a day to day basis does not exist. Because the nonprofit sector depends on external events to shape its internal structure, it is imperative that individuals have the ability to adapt to changing conditions and remain flexible. Regardless of this fact, as an intern at the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP), there were still some consistencies in the tasks I performed on a daily basis. From data-entry to attending hearings of legislation on the death penalty at the Texas Capitol, each day brought its own unique adventure. 

My supervisor was extremely flexible and allowed me to create a schedule that was conducive for me. I was required to work a minimum of ten hours a week so I chose to divide my hours between Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Everyday when I came into her office, she would provide me with a set of tasks she wanted me to complete for the day. These tasks varied in nature and in the amount of time needed to complete them. Some examples of assignments include conducting research for writing assignments related to TCADPs blog and monthly newsletter, data entry, assisting with the 85th Texas Legislature by monitoring bills, supporting TCADPs Lobby Corps members, and providing logistical support for the state conference and Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. 

The work atmosphere at my internship site was quite peaceful and easygoing. My supervisor and co-workers created an environment that was extremely welcoming and free of the typical workplace stress. In order to perform well as an intern at TCADP, I found certain skills very useful and necessary. Above all of them, organization seemed most important to me because the success of an organization is ultimately dependent upon the strength of its organizational structure. Overall, my internship experience at TCADP was highly transformative and educative. 

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