Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texans for Education Opportunity

Spring 2017  

Position: Legislative Aide
Student: Economics Junior

This semester I had the opportunity to work for Texans fro Education Opportunity, a non-profit organization that is fight to pass House Bill 1335 and Senate Bill 3. Over the course of my semester I have had the opportunity to work within the Capitol and meet people from several different organizations. I have looked into the life of politicians. I have seen the beauty and history of The Austin Club and the Texas Public Policy Foundation building. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the behind the scene efforts of getting a bill passed.

The organization very understanding that I am a college student with many responsibilities. I was able to set my own schedule and when weeks were very homework and test heavy I could request to work in my projects from home. There are days that run a bit long but those days happen to be the most interesting. I have no set weekly schedule because my supervisor lets me work whenever is best for me.

My favorite days have included hearing the bills we are working to get passed on the senate floor. Today, for example, House Bill 1335 is supposed to be heard on the House Floor. Many people have come from all over the state to testify on the bill. There is a lot of politics that are involved and there is a chance that I can be here until 3 am. The typical day is not very crazy, some of my responsibilities have included calling the offices of all of the house members and getting the contact information of the staff of the House members, delivering letters written by Ted Cruz. I have also worked to help with marketing and campaigning.

Spring 2017  

Position: Outreach and Legislative Engagement Intern 
Student: International Relations and Global Studies Senior 

Texans for Education Opportunity is a non-profit that aims in assisting in school choice legislation. We are champions of education savings accounts for the economically disadvantaged, special needs children, and parents who want more of a say in where their children want to go to school. As an intern for Texans for Education Opportunity, you will assist in multiple projects ranging from editing Opinion Editorials, to meeting with legislatures in the Texas Capitol. Education reform is a bipartisan issue so there is no need for a specific party affiliation. As part of your role as an intern you will be expected to review all relevant bill overviews and be able to discuss discrepancies about the bills with lobbyists, legislatures, and other coalition members. You will also be expected to also draft Opinion Editorials that will be examined multiple times. You will also be expected to make deliveries to key members of the Senate and House and provide a summary of the key issues within the packets. You will also monitor social media outlets and emails for Texasn for Education Opportunity. Social media assignments include Twitter, Facebook, and email updates for press conferences, marches, and grassroots events. Your day to day varies as the legislative session proceeds. But generally the assignments progress from office work for planning events to legislative meetings and coalition organization. You are expected to attend Monday and Friday meetings with the coalition and lobby groups in order to understand the week’s assignments. You are also expected to keep up with hourly emails and agenda to inform the rest of the organization and coalition partners of the schedule. In order to be successful and productive an expansive knowledge on the legislative process of a bill is recommended but not required. You will meet various groups across party lines in person and virtually, so written and verbal communication skills are highly recommended. The ability to adapt to the legislative session and networking skills are the two main components of being a successful TEO intern.

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