Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Folklife

Summer 2017

Position: Development Intern
Student: Anthropology Senior

I walk into the small Texas Folklife office, located in a cozy, brightly painted bungalow house in the North Loop area. The first person I see is the Operations Manager Eugenio, and I greet him and get myself situated at my desk. The first thing I do is turn my computer on, check my emails, and make a to-do list (often with unfinished tasks from the day before or with updated assignments that have come into my inbox). I work three, five-hour days a week between the business hours of 10-6. The office is very flexible and allows me to make my own hours, which I add to the work calendar. Sometimes, if the Executive Director is in, I will have a quick check-in with him to see if there has been any new tasks assigned.

The summer is the busiest grant season, so every day there are multiple tasks, and multiple grants that are in different stages. We have a staff calendar with deadlines and I maintain a spreadsheet with additional, grant-specific deadlines and a list of contacts who may need to be followed up with. After I make my to-do list, I prioritize tasks based on the nearest deadlines.

A typical day will involve me following up with people to get letters of support for our organization for a grant, researching prospective grant, perhaps sending an email to reach out, looking over the website guidelines, or taking part in a webinar, writing a narrative draft (this will include information such as the organization’s mission statement, detailed information about the programs’ values, activities, and intended audience, as well as impact on the community, and is a big part of every grant application), and pulling images, videos, and other promotional material from various places to update a grant application with attachments.

I may need to do several edits of the narrative before uploading into the particular grant system. This can take some tweaking, especially as the word counts are often strict, which may require me to trim more and edit again. I work with the specific program directors to get the most current information and statistics (audience numbers, participants, etc). I sometimes get together with Eugenio for budget information, especially if I am working on a final report of a grant (which mostly involves stating how you used the awarded money in the way your grant application said you would). Before a final submission of a major grant, I have the Executive Director review all materials and attachments. If he gives the clear, I submit and celebrate!

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