Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas After Violence Project

Fall 2017

Position: Intern
Student: Government Sophomore

A typical day at the Texas After Violence Project can vary, it all depends on the current project that is being worked on. I usually began my day around 10am, I would run next door and grab coffee, the office is in a convenient location on South Congress right by downtown and a 24/7 coffee shop. It would usually be our Director and Project Coordinator and one other intern sharing the office space. Upon arriving, we would have a casual meeting to discuss what projects we were starting or working on, interns would share their progress on our projects, and the Director and Project Coordinator might use this time to ask for our input on aspects of their projects. We spend the rest of the day working and occasionally gathering again for input or updates.

A typical project could be transcribing an oral history interview. This involves, the actual transcription itself which can take a few days depending on the length of the interview, then we have to edit and format the transcription. Then we create a cover page, consisting of a summary, or an abstract. We also research the subject of the interview and write up a biopic of the interviewee for the cover page. Afterwards we scan the content for any content warnings that we need to label the transcript with and notes those on the front summary. This process can take varying amounts of time to finish, but it’s vital for the upkeep of the digital archive of interviews that the Texas After Violence Project keeps.

Some days are interview days, this means you will travel with either the Director or the Project Coordinator off-site to assist with the interview process. This was one of my favorite parts of the internship because you never know what your day will end up like. Interviews usually take place in the Austin area but sometimes they occur in Houston or Dallas. The intern will assist in pre-interview research, set up the videography equipment, set up the microphone and sound equipment, record the interview itself and have a chance to ask questions. Afterwards the transcription and video editing portion of the project occurs. 

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