Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

University Leadership Network

Spring 2016 

Position: Research Intern
Student: Economics Senior

The internship was mostly self-paced, with weekly mentor meetings. It’s important to note that this wasn’t a typical internship. I pitched the idea to ULN, and they’re new and this hasn’t been done before, so it isn’t a standard situation. It was mostly me pursuing research on a topic of interest- the lack of tutoring for Economics upper division courses. I would ask my mentor for advice on how to best word my emails and general professional communication, but it was mostly self-driven.

My site is with the University Leadership Network, which is a scholarship organization that works with and within UT. The scholarships they offer- $5,000 per year, for all four years- go to incoming freshman in need of financial aid and with good grades. The scholarship is given with the caveat of certain requirements that have to be met by the student: going to weekly meetings their freshman year, getting an internship their sophomore and junior year, and so on. They (ULN) operate within the larger industry framework of education by helping students pay for higher education. Less related are the industries of online business and educational video, although ULN does encourage their students to be entrepreneurial in general, and ULN puts up the talks it has online for their students to view.

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