Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Summer 2016 

Position: HSI Intern
Student: Government Junior
This summer I interned with the Department of Homeland Security specifically Homeland Security Investigations, which is the investigative arm of Homeland.   In the beginning of the internship I worked full time but I scaled back my hours later on.   My day would start at 9am at the federal building downtown.   Everyday my job was to shadow the special agents and help them out on whichever case they were working at the moment.  Special agents work on all types of cases such as financial crimes, gang activity, human rights violations, narcotics, etc.  Most days I was helping put together their case files and making sure everything was detailed.  Even though putting case files would be something I would do daily, other things also had to get done.  The ability to work as a team was something that was very important to all the agents because investigations cannot get done alone.  Some days I would work with agents researching and gathering evidence for fraud cases and other times we would meet with Ted Cruz’s staff to discuss immigration and the cases that dealt with it.  Not all days were hands on.  Some days were spent discussing current events that were going on in the news and other times I would spend hours reading on policy and rules that the special agents had to follow.  I think most people hold the concept that being a special agent is always exciting work but it is not always like that if you’re not working in a border city which is where all the action happens.  Most days were spent trying to build a case, which involves a lot of problem solving and critical thinking, and making sure that the case was strong enough for the Assistant U.S. Attorney.

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