Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

UT Austin Dell Medical School

Spring 2017  

Position: Student Development Assistant
Student: Sociology Senior 

This internship has taught me a great deal overall about what an office environment looks like - it has also taught me a few things about myself. Through this internship, I’ve been able to gain a better understanding of the ways people in an office as large as Dell Medical School interact with each other. There are a lot of small things, like chatting with strangers at the coffee machines that I have now become a lot more familiar and comfortable with since joining the team at Dell Med. I have also learned some concrete skills, such as how to write more professional emails and some of the better secrets to expertly navigating an excel document. I have learned how to stay motivated and focused even in a loud, construction filled work site. On a more personal level, this internship has taught me how much I value co-worker interactions. I am generally a very introverted individual, but this job has shown me that I am not quite as content sticking to myself as I once thought. When I was put on projects that required hours of time with just me and the computer, I was not a very happy worker, and really wished I was working on something that required interaction with others. I think that having the experience of really disliking that part of my job will help me know better what to look for in future jobs. I have also learned, partly through this internship experience, and partly through my classes this semester, that I am less interested in working in development than I first thought. Since starting this internship I have accepted a position in a Management graduate program, and am really looking forward to that. Even though I’ve come away less interested in development than when I first started, I think having the experience and learning about that disinterest is will be very valuable to me as I head into grad school, and eventually the workforce. 

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