Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

The University of Texas at Austin Human Resource Services

Spring 2016 

Position: HR intern
Student: Undeclared Sophomore

The course of my internship took three different approaches to showcasing the human resources world. The first, entailed an extensive overview as to what it means to be a part of the human resources team. The second approach dealt with the administrative side. Finally, the third approach dealt with the records aspect of the field. I was placed in each of these areas over the course of five months with the time in each approximately being equal to each other.

When I was coming in during my time in the overview area, my days were filled with learning. I would come in and sit with my mentor for about four hours each day. During these four hours we would go through all of the areas associated with human resources and exactly what went on in each of these areas. We looked at specific cases and examples and I was able to get some hands on experience on how to handle specific issues. My favorite part of my time in this area was learning the recruitment process. I was able to observe how a job is essentially created, and follow along as we searched for potential candidates all the way through the interviews and onboarding process. This part of my internship provided me with an immense amount of information which helped me as I moved along to the other parts of the internship.

In the administrative area, this entailed dealing with walk-ins. This area taught me how to think on my feet as each person seemed to have a vastly different issue than person before them. Many of the issues we dealt with were in regards to the benefits aspect of human resources which is actually quite complex and requires a vast and deep knowledge. I enjoyed this area as I was able to help a large number of individuals.

When I moved to the final area, records, this was more of the true grit of the human resources world. We were dealing with things like background checks and I-9 compliances, but all of it was very interesting. Overall, I feel as though my internship experience has been a well-rounded and extremely enriching experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to enter the human resources world.


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