Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Vinson Radke Homes

Spring 2015 

Position: Project Management Intern
Student: Economics Senior

This semester I have been interning with Vinson Radke Homes, a local custom and spechome builder here in Austin. The company was founded only a few years ago, and is still extremely small, so you get lots of interaction with Mr. Radke (the owner) himself.

The typical day for an intern is generally fairly easy going, but is also filled with plenty of opportunities to learn. This semester I have been working for VRH every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My typical day start off around 10 AM, just after I finish my 8AM class. The drive to the office is about 5 minutes, and you could even bike if you had to because the office is located at the intersection of Windsor Road and Exposition Blvd.

Once at the office, Mr. Radke has generally left me a sticky note or sent me an email with a short to do list for the day. Sometimes this to do list can take all day, and other times it’s only a few small items in which case you can either go home when you finish, or can shadow Mr. Radke and get a better feel for what it takes to successfully run a business.

Since VRH is a home builder, the typical to do list would be something like: do a take-off for the tile needed for X house, contact X tile supplier to get a bid for the amount of tile needed as well as an estimate of when the tile can arrive, go out to X building site and make sure the trades X, Y, and Z are all there doing their specified jobs, and lastly look for any properties for sale in X area. This may not seem like a lot, and in reality it isn’t, but something unexpected always pops up when you are working for a small company, so I always end up having to do at least one random thing like going to the City of Austin Development office and resubmitting a plan for a permit. All said, the job isn’t extremely stressful or time consuming, but is definitely a good chance to learn about the residential real estate industry.

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