Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Williams Communications

Summer 2016 

Position: Drafter Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Williams Communications has many different positions within the company that can appeal to a lot of different in interests. They have “field guys” which go out to different cities and states and walk out the area we are asked to design. This job title is for those that like working with their hands, like to be working outdoors and want to know how telecommunications equipment attaches and is installed out on the roads. Instead of a 40 hour work week, the schedule is 3 weeks on a job site and one week home. For example if we are doing a walk-out in Alaska, the company will fly you out to Alaska, rents a hotel room and you stay there for three weeks and then come home and are “off” for a week. The next position is drafter which is what I am currently doing. This position is entirely focused on working with the AutoCAD software. When the guys come back from the field they have maps that are marked up with notes form the field. These notes could include tap numbers, pole numbers, differences in footages. These maps help us know what is actually out there so we can design appropriately. Sometimes we get 30 year old maps from the company and they might show three taps in a row. Our designer would put a line extender on the cable in order to amplify the signal. The company might have already put a line extender 10 years ago so the field guys save us money and time by finding out that there already is one. It’s up to the drafter to put those changes in so that when it goes to the designer, he has the most up to date information. Finally there is a designer. This is a more complicated position that requires experience in the company. This position would need to watch the current drafter for a few months in order to learn how to know where to place equipment. This position also needs time and years to have the ability to intuitively know where to amplify a signal and where the existing equipment can be left alone. Overall, Williams is not just a one major type of company and has a lot of opportunity for anyone interested in engineering or drafting.

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