Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Will Milligan Events

Summer 2017

Position: Event Coordinator Intern
Student: American Studies Junior

A day in the life at Will Milligan Events is different every day. Event planning is a diverse work site because you are dealing with multiple different clients. One day you could be planning a huge, dazzling event for a tech company and another day you could be sitting at your desk for eight hours and run errands.

Every day I would meet with the WME employees and we would discuss the upcoming events for the week. I would fill out detailed spreadsheets for each event to make sure we have everything prepared for that. Each day I would be communicating with potential vendor sites through email and phone calls. Usually every day we had an event for the lobbying firm we worked inside of, BGR. That would involve staying late for a fundraising dinner or reception for politicians. While it could be stressful to stay past hours, it was important to due this due to the fact that this is what event planning is about. Going into event planning one has to know what they are signing up for. Events happen after regular work day hours usually and someone working in the event planning business has to be prepared for that.

There would be lulls throughout the day around lunch but I got the opportunity to walk through downtown D.C. and explore my surroundings which was an amazing experience. This internship has made me think about the true possibility of living in DC. I would highly recommend any college student who want to be an intern during the summer to live there. While it feels as though most people are working on capitol hill, there are a wide variety of jobs offered in the city and I think everyone should see that experience.

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