Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Zero Foxtrot

Spring 2017  

Position: Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professional     
Student: Government Senior

As a graduating senior, and as a seasoned veteran in finding a job, having submitted a plethora of online job applications, I could confidently advise – get yourself an internship. Yes, majority of the companies are looking for high achieving scholars that have obtained their bachelor’s degree from prestigious universities, such as the University of Texas. However, if you look at 90% of the job requirements, they are looking for ‘experience’ more than anything. So, how does a full-time student gain much needed ‘experience’ while studying to get their bachelor’s degree? Easy, find an internship. As a graduating scholar, I wanted to find myself an internship – outside my major – in order to diversify my background. Moreover, I chose to intern at Zero Industries, LLC – because they were offering me an internship that would encompass various departments. As an intern, they had me traversing department-to-department gaining valuable insight. When I first started, I was working with the logistics and supply chain management side of the company. But, when I finished, I was promoted to serve as the company’s marketing director and program manager. I literally learned each position the company had to offer. However, gaining much needed insight to a company’s day-to-day operation is not easy. On an average day, I would arrive at the office around 10 am – and would be summed to a ‘briefing’ with the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). From there, I would ask any questions I had from my previous work day, which the CEO would happily answer. After that, we would brain storm about new projects that Zero Industries could work on – while discussing how we could improve customer and employee relations, sales, and communication with our suppliers. Yes, as an intern, I would have a stentorian voice in the office. Almost 80% of the time, my ideas would end up becoming actual – tangible – products on the market. Usually by the end of the work day, I would be asked to rover around making sure the company’s employees are happy. I would do this at the end of every shift – because the CEO said, “Happy employees are the most important aspect to running a successful company. They are the heartbeat and backbone of this establishment, and without them – we are nothing.” Although interning with Zero Industries, LLC is extremely difficult, it is truly a rewarding experience. Your day will never be the same. You must be flexible, constantly evolving with the dynamics and politics of the company. Even as an intern, you’ll be treated as a full-time employee, while only actually working part-time. At Zero Industries, you won’t be treated as a student, but instead you’ll be treated as a mentee. You will work directly with some of the best and brightest in business. You will gain experience as a sale associate, a general counsel, a marketing director, customer relations specialist, and many more. So by the end of the internship, you will be confident in your ability to apply to any job in the market. Best part, you’ll have the ‘experience’ box checked in bold! Actually, I lied. The best part – you’ll be paid! But, in all seriousness, you will be able to present yourself to any employer as a ‘seasoned’ candidate for their employment. However, let’s not be fooled. You won’t gain valuable experience if you don’t put the time and effort into the internship. This internship was designed to give back what you put in. So, if you give it all you got, it will reciprocally give back just as much. But, trust me, it is all worth it. Thanks to this internship, I was able to apply to several jobs with ease and confidence. 

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