Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Interview Questions

Interviewing can be stressful, but, with the right preparation and practice, you can walk into your interview with confidence and articulate your responses in a concise and professional way. The following practice questions are general, intended to provide ideas and questions to consider asking a recruiter, as well as questions to consider when developing your responses and your liberal arts story.

Top Questions To Consider Asking In An Interview

  • How is the organization structured in terms of divisions, departments, etc.?
  • Please describe your organization's culture.
  • Where are the majority of job/internship opportunities located?
  • What skills helped previous employees in this role succeed?
  • What advice do you share with new hires?
  • What kind of training program does the organization have? Is there a mentoring system?
  • Could you describe typical career paths employees have taken in your organization?
  • Could you please describe your management philosophy/style?
  • What makes your organization different from its competitors?
  • When do you expect to make a decision regarding the next step in the interview process?
  • What do you like best about working here?

Questions Most Frequently Asked By Interviewers

Introductory Questions
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • How did you find out about this position?
  • After learning about this opportunity, what made you take the next step and apply for the job?
  • How are you doing today? (pro-tip: be positive)
Questions About the Company
  • Why do you want to work with our company?
  • What do you know about us?
  • Who is our CEO?
  • What is our value proposition? -or- What does our brand mean to you?
  • Can you tell us about our products (or services)?
Questions About Work History
  • Walk me through your resume highlighting those things that are relevant to the position.
  • Tell me about two accomplishments that were very successful or you are the most proud of.
  • Describe a difficult work experience and how you handled it.
Questions About the Position
  • How does this position align with your short-term and long-term career goals?
  • Why do you think you will be a good fit for this position?
  • What interests you about this position?
  • How does your previous experience relate to this position?
Questions on Interpersonal Skills
  • Could you describe a time when you had a problem or conflict with a co-worker or supervisor?
  • Do you consider yourself a team player? Can you give me an example of when being a team player was important?
  • How would your boss and co-workers describe you?
Questions on Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What do you consider to be your greatest strength?
  • How do you deal with high-pressure situations?
  • What is one thing you would like to do better? What’s your plan for improvement?
Questions on Compensation
  • What are your salary requirements for this position?
  • How does your previous experience justify your salary requirements? (They may not ask this directly, but you should be prepared to demonstrate your value)
Concluding Questions
  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • Is there anything you want to add that we didn’t cover? (pro-tip: the answer is always yes)
  • Why should we hire you?

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