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Elevator Pitch

Imagine you’re on an elevator with someone - possibly a recruiter or hiring manager - with whom you want to take the chance to speak or who speaks to you. In this situation, having an elevator pitch is incredibly useful.

An elevator pitch is a 20- to 30-second introduction of yourself in a professional or career context. An elevator pitch can be useful when introducing yourself in a variety of general situations, and it can be a helpful tool for marketing your background with an employer at a career fair, during an informational interview or at an impromptu meeting. When using your pitch in the career search, your pitch should be targeted to the employer, industry, and job/internship opportunity of interest.

Your pitch should be succinct, relevant and memorable. It should show your uniqueness, and make others want to know more about you.

Use this guide, or download this guide, to prepare your pitch, which will improve your confidence when conveying your career interests to employers. Practice your elevator pitch by recording it then re-recording it until the pitch sounds confident and natural.

Checkout the PwC US video for perfecting your elevator pitch - what to do and what not to do.

Sample Introduction

Hello!  My name is ____, and I am a senior at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in psychology.  I am interested in pursuing a career in special education and noticed a training program for college graduates interested in becoming teachers on your website.  I completed a Teaching Assistant internship this semester and enjoyed the experience of helping students achieve their educational goals in a creative environment. I discovered your profile on the Texas Exes LinkedIn group and would like to speak with you about your career path and the career opportunities available within your organization and the teaching profession.  

General Areas of an Elevator Pitch

Academics: Discuss your university, degree, year of study, and/or relevant coursework. Example: I am in my third year of study at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in psychology and interested in teaching careers. I completed 6 credit hours focusing on adolescent cognitive development and recently completed a course in effective instructional methods.

Research: Review the employer website for information about their mission, industry and career opportunities. Example: While reviewing your website, I noticed your organization values creativity in the classroom and provides an extensive training program for new college graduates. I would like to learn more about the qualities and skills that helped your past program participants succeed.

Career Goals: Discuss the skills and experiences that you are most interested in developing through this opportunity.  Example: I enjoy the classroom environment and I am excited to begin my career in education. I am interested in lesson plan development, gaining classroom experience, and pursuing my Texas teacher certification in the next  twelve months.

Experiences: Focus on your most relevant experiences such as leadership roles, internships, current/past employment, volunteering and/or student organizations. Example: I volunteered as a Teacher’s Assistant this semester, working with special education students. This experience affirmed my interest in teaching, and I discovered that my ability to problem solve and effectively communicate with children of special needs helped them succeed in the classroom.

Skills: Include relevant skills for the job/internship opportunity. Example: I can speak and write Spanish, which allows me to communicate with bilingual students. And I have honed my leadership and time management skills to help motivate others to stay on task when completing assignments. 

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