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Networking - Learn how helpful networking can be, and how to do it. Elevator Pitch - Craft a succinct, professional and confident self-introduction.
Building Your Networking Equity - 5 Tips for Meeting New People Informational Interviews - Interview professional to learn about their career journeys, and to make connections.
LinkedIn Networking - Learn how to leverage the power of your LinkedIn account to develop your network locally, and around the world.  


Connecting with others is a powerful tool at any stage in your career. Whether you’re looking for a job, applying to graduate schools, searching for internships, or seeking information about careers, talking to people who know something about your field of interest is especially important for confirming your interest in the field, learning insider tips and strategies and locating jobs and internships. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 70% of all jobs are found through networking (career conversations).

Networking is:
  • A give and take process of connecting with people and building lasting relationships
  • About meeting new people, sharing information and learning about potential opportunities and various career fields
  • Meeting and getting to know people who are willing to share with you career information and advice
  • Building ongoing relationships to exchange information and advice
  • Following up and maintaining contact with those who have assisted you

Value of Networking:

  • Explore career opportunities
  • Learn more about a major, industry or company
  • Gather advice from different perspectives
  • Tap into the hidden job market – remember, a single personal connection can lead to multiple opportunities
  • Build your base of contacts for future reference and provide you with a support network

Networking Tips:

  • Be prepared to explain why you are contacting that person.
  • Be able to succinctly describe your interests and goals (similar to the elevator speech).
  • Be open-minded and willing to meet new people
  • Be informed and up-to-date on current events (i.e., news, industry, etc.)
  • Be respectful of everyone you meet and thank them for their time
  • Be able to set clear, realistic and achievable goals
  • Do not be afraid to ask for the information you need

Building Your Networking Equity – 5 Tips for Meeting New People

  • Be real. While networking is serious business, it doesn’t need to be overly formal or terse. Be natural! Take a deep breath, smile, make eye contact and give your best. We’re human!
  • Listen up. When you first meet someone, really focus on getting to know them first before spilling your full story! Most people love to talk about themselves and you will make yourself memorable by utilizing this tactic.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Conversations can come to a bitter end if not propelled forward by good questions. Aim to ask 2-3 open-ended questions within the first five to ten minutes of meeting someone. This will help get the conversation going and you’ll be practicing your excellent listening skills as stated above.
  • Find common ground. Finding commonalties with other people can take time. When you first meet someone, asking them those 2-3 open-ended questions and listening up will help, but you also should pay attention to what makes that person really light up – this will help keep the conversation moving and help you build rapport.
  • Say their name. Immediately after meeting someone, repeat their name back to them and continue sprinkling their name throughout the conversation. At the very least, say their name when you’re about to leave: “Great meeting you, Darian!” not only will this help you remember their name, but also make them feel like they’ve been heard. It will make you stand out in a very positive way!

Networking Starts With Who You Know

The contacts you make can lead to future employment. Everyone has a network; it’s just a matter of thinking broadly and creatively about who is in it. This includes friends, family, neighbors, teachers/faculty (past or present), employers/coworkers (past or present) members of professional societies, employers who come to campus, alumni, etc. In addition, the ever-evolving world of social media has opened up countless new ways to network virtually.

Keep in mind, networking is a skill, and like most things, can be learned, practiced and improved over time. Download our Discovering Your Network worksheet to get started.

General Networking

Networking can happen anywhere at any time and we are here to help. Check out our events calendar to keep up to date with networking events in our office. We offer information sessions, employer on-campus office hours, speaker series, workshops and professional development series throughout the academic year.

Informational Interviews: a practice interview, where you are the interviewer with the goal of learning all about a specific type of career or company. Your interviewee is anyone you want to learn more about or someone who can give you an insider’s scoop. Informational interviews allow you to ask those questions you’ve always wondered about from a professional who is working the field. Explore our Informational Interview page to learn more.

Local Networking Opportunities

Looking for networking opportunities in Austin but aren’t sure where to start? Check out the local resources below. Keep in mind, when you attend networking events, just one conversation can lead to multiple possibilities. Attend an event and be a fly on the wall or start talking with people! Not only will this help boost your confidence and connections, but also help hone your interviewing skills.

Texas Exes - Events: UT Austin alumni chapters host entertainment and professional events around Texas, the country and the globe. Many events do not require Texas Exes membership.
Built in Austin – Tech Networking and PD Events: Austin’s hub for startups and tech! Browse through networking events and professional development opportunities.
Meetup – Career & Business Meetups: Meetup’s Career and Business section offers a variety of networking opportunities across different industries and interests – most events are free to attend!
Eventbrite – Austin Networking Events: Similar to Meetup, Eventbrite offers networking opportunities in a variety of areas including: business, government, health, community, science and tech, education and film and media.
Austin Tech Happy Hour: Since 2007 the Austin Tech Happy Hour has been the place for the emerging technology community to relax and network with each other. Come and meet the people you've friended, added, and twittered, discuss current technology innovations, and perhaps even find a candidate to add to your team!

Schedule an Appointment

No matter where you are in your career journey, learning how to network effectively will pay off in the long run. It takes time to build connections and hone your networking skills. The earlier you start, the better. Schedule an appointment with a career coach to get started.

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