Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Four-Year Career Plan

One of the greatest qualities of a Liberal Arts education is its interdisciplinary approach, which makes each student’s four-year experience unique. The coursework and academic enrichment experiences that our students engage in are as diverse as the paths they take after graduation. To that end, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect timeline for all students. The following four-year timeline offers suggested activities that will help you prepare for a range of possibilities; students are encouraged to adapt this information to suit their personal and professional interests and goals.

Regardless of the path you pursue, one constant is that internship experience is highly sought after by employers. With that in mind, we encourage all students to do an internship - preferably gaining relevant skills for your career goals - and to do more than one if possible.

Skip below for law school, graduate school and health professions timelines.

Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Convert your high school resume to a college resume: Resumes
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities, such as student organizations, internships, research, volunteerism and study abroad.
  • Take rigorous courses to help assess your interests and keep up your GPA.
  • Cultivate relationships with professors for future research project opportunities and scholarship/graduate school recommendations.
  • Explore internship reviews written by other Liberal Arts majors to learn about their experiences and how you can do likewise: Internship Reviews
  • Explore your strengths, skills and career interests: Your Exploration
  • Schedule a career coaching appointment to discuss your goals and interests: Appointments
  • Attend career fairs to connect with recruiters hiring interns: Career Fairs
  • Apply for internships, especially for the summer: Internships

Junior Year

  • Research career possibilities and create a list of potential jobs/careers: Career Research
  • For many employers, the job search begins well before the recruiting period; meet with a career coach to strategize and plan ahead: Appointments
  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni and others: Informational Interviews
  • Take a for-credit internship or career search course: Courses
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and build your contacts: LinkedIn
  • Take on a leadership role within an organization: HornsLink          
  • Develop and practice your interview skills: Interviews
  • Search and apply in the spring for a summer internship that can place you in a good full-time hiring pipeline: Internship Search
  • Attend career fairs to connect with recruiters hiring interns: Career Fairs
  • Enroll in the IE Pre-Grad Internship if you’re planning on law or grad school: IE Program

Junior to Senior Summer

  • Strategize and implement your senior year job search plan 9-12 months prior to graduation: Job Search
  • If you are interested in consulting or investment banking careers, prepare early - recruiting begins in the late summer/early fall of your senior year: So You Want to Work...
  • Clean up your digital dirt and expand your network: Social Media

Senior Year-Fall Semester

  • Meet with your career coach to plan out your senior year: Appointments
  • Search for and apply to jobs: Job Search
  • Practice your interview skills with a mock interview: Mock Interviews
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting in addition to your independent job search: On-Campus Recruiting
  • Attend fall career fairs and employer presentations: Career Fairs

Senior Year-Spring Semester

  • Continue your job search and meet with a career coach on your progress: Appointments
  • Attend spring career fairs and forums: Career Fairs
  • Let us know when you land your first job: Share Your News

Other Timelines

Review our law school and graduate school timelines for help making the most of your undergraduate years and preparing your applications. If you're considering a health profession, explore the resources available to you at the Health Professions Office

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