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LAH majors named to Teach for America program; receive Headliners Foundation scholarship

Thu, May 7, 2009

Micah Doak, History majorNicole Gelsomini, Humanities major; Roshni Patel, Philosophy and History major; Carolyn Patterson, English Major; and Madelyn Percy, Anthropology and Geological Sciences major, have all been selected for the Teach for America program.

Monica Riese is currently a senior majoring in Humanities and Rhetoric at the University of Texas at Austin. She also works as a proofreading intern at The Austin Chronicle, and she’s in the process of writing a thesis that analyzes the debate between blogs and newspapers with which we’re all so familiar.

Riese began her unorthodox path to journalism by editing her friends’ papers in high school, but her work with a literary magazine on campus led her to try out for The Daily Texan copy desk. After five semesters at the Texan, three semesters tutoring for the Liberal Arts Honors program, fifteen months at the Chronicle, and editing two literary magazines, she readily admits she hasa borderline-unhealthy fascination with words. Her weekly Scrabble matches corroborate this theory. When she graduates in May, Riese hopes foremost to find a position as a copy editor and secondarily to resume the reading for pleasure that has been on hiatus since she undertook her thesis project.

“The Headliners Foundation certainly awarded me the opportunity to stop working three jobs during semesters, but more importantly, it assured me that despite news’ fascination with reporters, copy editors with liberal arts degrees have a place in the newsroom too.”

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