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LAH Student Awards and Honors for 2009

Wed, May 6, 2009

Jesse Cordes-Selbin was selected as a Mitchell Scholarship recipient. She is majoring in Humanities (Honors) and English. Faculty Nominator: Alexandra Wettlaufer. Her project is Sous Contrainte ou Sans Contrainte: Competing Literary Visions of Oulipo and Hélene Cixous.

Patrick Courtney won first prize at the West and Central Texas Regional Conference of Phi Alpha Theta, a history honors society, April 4, 2009, for a paper and talk titled "Confronting the Void: Reflecting Absence at Ground Zero."

Norma Balli-Borrero and James Lamon were selected as a members of the 2009 Winedale cast

New LAH Inductees to Phi Beta Kappa include: Megan Bartel, Victoria Crowder, Micah Doak, Lauren Heller, Anne Hulsey, Anglea Labaj, Stephanie Logterman, Mathew Martinez, Alanah Matos, Melissa Mcinnis, Michelle Miro, Desirae Peters, Monica Riese, Alisha Van Eimeren, and Meredith Zern.

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