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2008-09 Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarship recipients

Wed, October 22, 2008

Marcelo Bohrt-Seeghers – Sociology
“Movement Toward Socialism: Improving Living Standards for the Poor in Bolivia”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Sharmila Rudrappa

Allison Bullock – Geography
“Evaluating the Implementation of the Slope Land Conversion Program in Tianquan and Wuqi, China”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Brian King

Elizabeth Dupont – Humanities
“Confronting Epidemics in the African Meningitis Belt: Prevention, Treatment, and Support for Survivors Who Are Deaf”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Ronald Angel

Mazen Elfakhani – Sociology
“Explaining the Rise of Religious Non-affiliation in American Society, 1972-2006”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Christopher Ellison

Lewis Fallis – Government
“Anger, Laughter, & Justice in Nietzsche”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Russell Muirhead

BobieJo Ferguson – English
"Light Drawing, Word Drawing: The Photograph in Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides"
Faculty Adviser: Professor Martin Kevorkian

Vijay John – Linguistics
“Speech Recognition for San Juan Quiahije Chatino”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Anthony Woodbury

Alyshia Ledlie – History
“Early Modern Infanticide in Fact and Popular Fiction: The Trial ad Popular Representations of Reverend Robert Faulks’ Infanticide Crime in 17th Century England”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Julie Hardwick

Erin McManus – Anthropology
“Living from Day to Day: Using Activist Anthropology to Examine the Community-Level Impact of Payday Lending Upon Texans”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Charles Hale

Ingrid Norton – History and Philosophy
“The Short Stories of Ingrid Norton”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Michael Adams

Aubrey Ann Lee – English
“Like Patience on a Monument: Women, Identity, and the constraint of Image in Selected Shakespeare Plays”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Eric Mallin

Amanda Payne – English
“Jane Austen and Emily Bronte: Unlikely Literary Sisters”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Janine Barchas

Matthew Scalco – Psychology
“Understanding Social Ostracism: Hormones, Narcissism, and Individual Differences”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Robert Josephs

Jesse Cordes Selbin – Humanities and English
“Sous Constrainte ou Sans Constrainte: Competing Literary Theories of the Oulipo and Hélène Cixous”
Faculty Adviser: Professor Alexandra Wettlaufer

Amanda Willis – Psychology
“The Effect of Familiarity and Genetic Relatedness on Sexual Misperception”
Faculty Adviser: Professor David Buss

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