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2008 Pinto Carver Essay Award Recipients are...

Tue, February 5, 2008

Congratulations to these students whose essays have earned Pinto Carver Essay awards:

* First Prize of $1500 to Merrit Martin for her essay, "Ode to Fragmentation in America".
* Second Prize of $1000 to Katherine Clabby for her essay, "Connect, Evolve, Re-Connect".
* Third Prize of $500 to Michael Waehner for his essay, "Our Segmented Times (And Yours)".
* Honorable Mention and $200 to Charlotte Barry for her essay, "United in Isolation".
* Honorable Mention and $200 to Christopher Fox for his essay
* Honorable Mention and $200 to Hillary Rodriguez for her essay, "Fragmentation Because One Size Doesn't Fit All".

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