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Weekly Essay Winners in LAH 102H The Idea of the Liberal Arts

Tue, September 22, 2009

Students taking LAH 102H The Idea of the Liberal Arts listen each week to a lecture from a faculty member and then write a two page response.  Writing tutors critque these responses and nominate an essay for the weekly scholarship.  From this group, we select the top three essays and award the writers a $100 scholarship.  The scholarship winners for Fall 2009 are:

Essay Winners for Sept. 14 

Andy Bowman

Katy Eyberg

Nolan Oldham

Essay Winners for Sept. 21

Kelly Johnson

Adrienne Morea

Katie Sayre

Essay Winners for Sept. 28

Michael Fraser

Bryan Shaban

Kelsi Tyler

Essay Winners for Oct. 5

Mary Hausle

Sam Naik

Ben Weiss

Essay Winners for Oct. 12

Kelsey DeVleer

Kelly Johnson

Sam Naik

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