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Congratulations LAH Second, Third, and Fourth Year Scholarship Winners

Wed, October 14, 2009

Selecting the winners of this year's essay competition was especially difficult, as we received many excellent applications.  Thank you to everyone for applying and congratulations to our winners!

Second Year

Erica Allseitz
Paul Cuno-Booth
Susannah Duerr
Bethany Johnson
Kathleen Kidder
Ashleigh Kuertz
James Lamon
Ariel Maxworth
JT Williams
Alexandra Young

Third Year

Caitlin Eberhardt
Steven Karson
Darcy Kues
Kevin Martin
Justine Pak
Abigal Palmer
Jennifer Pier
Lindsay Taraban
Merrit Martin
Molly Wahlberg

Fourth Year

Zachary Cuyler
Kevin Endres
Andy Jones
Hal Hlavinka
Timmy Huynh
Kela Kundert
Tamara Marshall
Joshua Michaels
Lauren Ratliff
Ania Upstill

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