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Micah 6 ESL Project

Mon, February 7, 2011
Sophomores Elisabeth Eikrem and Katy Eyberg started what they currently call the "Micah 6 ESL Project" last semester. Micah 6 of Austin <>  is a community-run food pantry located behind Guadalupe Street. Katy had been volunteering there for about six months before she thought of starting English conversation classes. Elisabeth offered to take on the logistics of the project, and together they've worked together to teach and get LAH students involved. They're hoping to expand our core group of volunteers, generate interest in the LAH community, and become a resource for educational information in the greater UT area. They'd appreciate advice, helpful criticism, and ideas from anyone wishing to join us in their mission to give back to the community. 

Katy and Elisabeth have had success with their student and volunteer turnout, with both groups returning regularly. Generally, there are pods of two or three tutors with four or five students. At the beginning of each two month period, Elisabeth will send out messages to all the people who have expressed interest in volunteering and get their availability, and then schedule them. Some LAH students who have been instrumental in starting this program through their volunteering are Nolan Oldham, Catharine Moreno, Jessi Devenyns and Allie Hollander. Their efforts make this endeavor possible. 

We are using a method taught to us by Ana Salas Porras, a life-long ESL teacher. She taught us and has overseen the writing of lesson plans through email correspondence and visits to our lessons. They are gradually expanding our collection of lesson plans. If at any time you would like to look at one, they are available. 

If anyone has further questions, they can email or
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