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Tue, September 13, 2011

LAHer Maddie Saragusa helped make several videos through "La Poderosa Media Project" this summer in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.  UT Spanish and Film professors led this 6 week long program.  Participating students were separated by their Spanish language ability and assigned to individual teachers.  Thanks to the 2:1 student to teacher ratio, participants got to know the professors and learn the language.  Maddie writes:


After classes, we would eat lunch together, a huge meal that always made us way too full, and then had an hour to digest our food, play soccer, or just talk and get some homework out of the way.  Afterwards, we attended a film workshop with the underprivileged youth of Bahia de Caraquez.  In these film classes we learned a lot of the basics of film and how the camera works, etc...The local students were very nice and we became great friends.  After 4 weeks of film classes, we started to film 3 creative stories that the local students had created.  We spent one week filming, from 5 in the morning until later in the evening, but it was very rewarding.  The final week the films were put together and edited, and on the last night we had a presentation of the films, and many of the city locals showed up to show support.


The following links will take you to videos that Maddie would like to share:


The first film was the film I was most involved with.  Another student from UT and myself were actually in one scene playing tourists! 

"Piolas, Paul" (with english subtitles)


The second film was fun to film because it was inside and we got to decorate the entire room with birthday decorations and food.

"Jovita a punto de cruz" (with english subtitles)


The third film was probably the crowd favorite and was thought to have the most potential, although of course I favor the one I appeared in.   

"Las escamas de Martin" (with english subtitles)


We also had a great time filming a small cooking show about our favorite food that our cook made for us.  I was the host!

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