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2012-2013 Rapoport King Scholars Announced

Thu, October 11, 2012

Rapoport King Scholars 2012 – 2013

Alana Harrison – Psychology – “Fostering and Suppressing Creativity:  An Environmental Comparison” Faculty Adviser:  Professor David Gilden

Saif Kazim – Sociology - “The Bhopal Disaster and The Legalization of Human Rights” Faculty Adviser:  Michael Young

Cody Lee – English – “Blood Order:  The Struggle Between Man and Wolf in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing” Faculty Adviser:  Don Graham

Armanda Martin – American Studies – “Impossible Forms and the Pursuit of Perfection:  Understanding the American Female Body Through Photography” Faculty Adviser:  Steve Hoelscher

Ivy Mestrovic – Anthropology – “The Cultural Dimensions Surrounding Private Chen’s Suicide and Subsequent Court-Martial of Sergeant Holcomb” Faculty Adviser: Brian Stross

Taylor Morrison – Anthropology – “Against the Walls:  Ethnography of Segregated Space in Prison City” Faculty Adviser:  Heather Hindman

Katherine Noble – English – “Mythology, Morality, and Mortality in the Poetry of Frank Stanford” Faculty Adviser:  Coleman Hutchison

Lidia Plaza – History – “The First Crime of Fashion:  Textile and Apparel Theft in Eighteenth-Century London” Faculty Adviser:  Neil Kamil

Nicholas Sanford – Asian Studies – Wang Xiaobo’s The Golden Age Trilogy and Its Influence on Liberal Chinese Youth” Faculty Adviser:  Yvonne Chang

Margaret Sayre – Anthropology – “The Effect of Forelimb Mass Distribution on the Function of Arm Swinging During Human Bipedalism” Faculty Adviser:  Liza Shapiro

Joseph Sorenson – Government – “Looking for Locke in All the Wrong Places:  The Case for a Liberal Continuity From John Locke to Barack Obama” Faculty Adviser:  Devin Stauffer

Tammy (Thanh) Tran – Psychology – “The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Memory Encoding:  Memory Strength as the Moderating Factor” Faculty Adviser:  Alison Preston

Ady Wetegrove – History – “Behind the Curtain:  The Artist as Collector in Peale’s Museum” Faculty Adviser:  Neil Kamil

Katryna Watkins – Anthropology – “Violence Against Black Women With Mental Illness(es)” Faculty Adviser:  Joao Vargas

Ben Weiss – Government – “Foreign Influence on HIV/AIDS Relief in Africa:  A Comparative Case Analysis” Faculty Adviser:  Catherine Boone

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