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Liberal Arts Honors Scholars Program

Students apply to this four year honors program when applying to The University of Texas at Austin as incoming freshman. 

Benefits of the Liberal Arts Honors Program:

  • A community of talented, highly-motivated students selected from a competitive applicant pool.
  • Special honors sections of introductory courses, taught by some of the most dynamic and accomplished professors on campus.
  • Opportunities to engage with other honors students in student government, volunteer work, field trips, cultural events, and the productions of a theater group and a literary magazine.
  • Academic advising from award-winning advisers who understand the challenges honors students face.
  • A student mentoring program in which first year students are matched up with sophomore or upper-division Liberal Arts Honors students.
  • Eligibility to apply for honors housing and special scholarship opportunities.

Liberal Arts Honors Program Obligations:

  • To pursue academic excellence through demanding courses and active exchanges with professors and fellow honors students.
  • To take an active part in LAH 102H, The Idea of The Liberal Arts, a first-year course that explores the disciplines that make up the liberal arts.
  • To hone writing and speaking skills, beginning in LAH 102H.
  • To contribute to the Liberal Arts Honors community, participating in its special events, Ransom Reading Groups, Essay Contest, volunteer opportunities, and student groups.

Even after their freshman year, our students remain part of the Liberal Arts Honors community. Most students continue academically with an honors curriculum in various departments and colleges as well as continue socially, acting as mentors to new Liberal Arts Honors students, attending special honors-related activities and events, and participating in program-related extracurricular opportunities.

After the freshman/sophomore years, qualified students may also participate in these other Liberal Arts Honors opportunities: Departmental Honors, Liberal Arts Honors upper division, and Humanities.

After graduation, Liberal Arts Honors students pursue careers as diverse as the students themselves. They enter Law School, Medical School, and graduate school. They join the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and other humanitarian and ecologically-focused organizations. They enter a variety of professional fields thanks to the assistance of Liberal Arts Career Services and contacts they make while at the University. Some travel and some follow their dreams and interests in highly personal, unique and varied ways. Liberal Arts Honors students can be found in nearly every field of study and career endeavor.

Instructions for fall admission and links to all necessary information can be found in our admissions section.