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Liberal Arts Honors (upper division)

Students pursuing a  Bachelor of Arts degree in any Liberal Arts major other than Plan II may qualify for graduation with Honors in the College of Liberal Arts by taking three intensive upper division LAH courses. No application is required, but enrollment in these courses is limited to Liberal Arts students who have earned a cumulative UT GPA of 3.5 and who have completed of 60 credit hours.

To graduate with "Liberal Arts Honors" students must:

  • Take three upper-division LAH courses
  • Receive at least two ‘A-’s and one ‘B’ in the three courses.
  • Have an overall UT GPA of at least 3.5
  • Have 60 hours in residence at the University of Texas at Austin

Honors courses offered as part of a Departmental Honors Program do not count toward the upper-division College of Liberal Arts Honors requirement, unless a specific course is cross-listed with an LAH course.

Students who graduate with Honors in the College of Liberal Arts receive a special certificate signed by the Program Director and 'Liberal Arts Honors' will be noted on the student's transcript. A thesis is not required to graduate with Liberal Arts Honors. A thesis option is offered for certain students in special circumstances.

Students may graduate with both Liberal Arts Honors and Departmental Honors. Admission to the Liberal Arts  Honors Program is not a prerequisite for College of Liberal Arts Honors.

Lower-division LAH courses are restricted to students in the Liberal Arts Honors Program and do not count toward the upper division College of Liberal Arts Honors requirement.