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LAH Experiential Learning courses for LAH Scholars and Distinguished Scholars Tracks

Student leadership, Research, Study Abroad, Internships, Community Service

To fulfill the certification requirements for the Liberal Arts Honors Scholar or Distinguished Scholar programs, LAH students must take at least one upper-division Liberal Arts honors course with an experiential learning designation.

Some classes have specific registration requirements. See the list below for details on registration:

Experiential Learning Courses requiring no special registration approval:

LAH 350- Environmental Justice (spring)—Russell, Matthew

Experiential Learning: Research • Community Service

In this course, students will explore the origins of contemporary issues related to environmental justice, both a form of academic scholarship as well as a social justice movement.

The experiential learning component of the class involves a well-researched essay on a topic related to the environment as well as a digital project that documents either a local area of concern related to environmental justice or an area defined by interaction with students from an international university with whom students will partner.

See the Environmental Justice class project from Spring 2019.

LAH 350- Treasure Hunt HRC Arch Research (spring)—Lang, Elon

Experiential Learning: Research

In this course, students will discover, explore, and promote some islands of order that emerge from the vast cultural and historical collections at archives on the UT-Austin campus, including the Ransom Center, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, and the LLILAS Benson Latin American Collection.

Students will develop essential skills for pursuing original research projects in humanities disciplines and learn how to apply those skills to bring public attention to hidden histories and marginalized voices in our culture.

See the website from the Spring 2019 class.

Requires Professor approval:

LAH 350-Philanthropy/Non-Profit Orgs (spring)—Paxton, Pamela

Experiential Learning: Research • Community Service

This course will introduce students to nonprofits, philanthropy, and how to give money away. It will cover theories of giving, the nonprofit sector, and criticisms of both.

The experiential learning portion of the class provides first-hand experience in donation to charitable organizations and research in evaluating nonprofits.

To enroll:

  • Email Prof. Paxton, Professor of Sociology
  • Include your name and EID, as well as the course name, unique number, and semester of enrollment.
  • An LAH Adviser will grant authorization for registration.
  • Students will be contacted via email to confirm authorization.
  • Register for the course.

Requires Professor and Career Services approval:

LAH 340L- Legal Internships (fall)—Levy, Mark (same as LAH 350 - Legal Internships and the Law)

Experiential Learning: Internship

America’s laws, lawyers, and courts have charted and changed the course of American history. In our classroom discussions and readings, we will explore the role of lawyers and how the practice of law has shaped American society. As a component of Liberal Arts Frontiers, students in the Legal Internships clinic will also intern in law offices or legal settings and meet weekly in class to discuss and learn from each student-intern’s experience. The hands-on experience students gain in their public service internships will help shape our classroom discussions, from topics including legal ethics and professional development to legislative oversight and settlement negotiations. Students will learn about the practice of law and how lawyers serve the public interest while gaining practical experience and first-hand knowledge of different legal fields.

The cornerstone of the Legal Internships clinic will be your participation as a student-intern in a legal, public policy, judicial, or legislative office. While help will be provided to select your internship before the semester begins, the final choice of where you work will be yours. The role you choose should be discussed and decided upon with your host supervisor and the course instructor. Explore a list of previous internship sites through the application information link below.

Application process